Saturday, 18 May 2013

The 10 Cases

Absolute gem of a place in the otherwise touristy track of Covent Garden. Simple, uncomplicated, and with a small, but perfectly balanced menu, this place is a great place to stop by (early) for an after work glass of wine or two. 

They only buy 10 cases of each red and white and when they're gone, they're gone, so there's bound to always be something new to try. Also, they don't place an extortionate markup on the wine and even the food is sensibly priced (£5-6 for a small plate of smoked duck or grilled octopus, both of which were great).

The downside is that the place is small (just 10 tables and half a dozen bar stools) but it does take reservations which is just as well as it gets very busy later in the week. Definitely a place worth going to.   
   16 Endell Street
   London WC2H 9BD
   (020) 7836 6801

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